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Every People, who came to the Kolhapur for tourism or any reason, this town of art will gives him heart touching experience. Reputed of world level, a town features will give you feeling when practically experienced. Here is tradition of edible are always ready with many types of various foods like Vegetarian and non-vegetarians. If gourmet eats Misal once, then he will definitely eat next time. Tambada and Pandhara Rassa (Red & White Curry in non-veg.) is available everywhere, but excellent and tingle test adjectively called as ‘Kolhapuri’. Tourists preferably purchased icon of uncouth Kolhapuri Chappals, handmade by local artisans. Hospitality of here is unforgettable like ‘Kolhapuri Gool’ (Jaggery). One of the similarly feature is ‘DudhKatta’ (Crude Milk- Directly squeeze from buffalo). It provides diet milk to wrestler’s need and other people nutritious. This facility is only here, from early morning 5.00 am to 12.00 pm. ‘Kusti’ (Wrestling), the traditional sport of Kolhapur, which have royal patronage from ‘Rajarshi Chh.Shahu Maharaja’. Kolhapur has also given ‘Kolhapuri Saaz’ (Ornament), a precious gift for women to increase her beauty.

Kolhapur is one of most important part of Western Ghats. There are vary vast biodiversity of flora & fauna and there are splendid hill stations and locations.

Note: Bold letters are shows distinctive of Kolhapur.

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